What You Need To Do To Get Big Data To Work For You

What You Need To Do To Get Big Data To Work For You

What You Need To Do To Get Big Data To Work For You
You probably don’t need to know that yet another report has been published about the benefits of big data. Tech giants like Google, Facebook and eBay are in on it, using a mix of bespoke, freeware and licensed technologies to monetize internal data assets by combining it with freely available big data. Even Dilbert has something to say about it!

But how are organizations implementing solutions that would enable them to tackle the magnitude and unleash the potential of this big data opportunity?

Long Road Ahead Typically, scenarios involve senior executives sanctioning the use of a large source of funding to initiate the creation of a big data platform expeditiously. Organizations soon realise that they need to deploy analytics to make sense of this data.

Some organizations embark on an “agile” program. It might have a platform that includes Hadoop of some flavor for distributed storage. And some data framework to handle machine learning and real-time streaming, such as Apache Spark, and many other disparate moving parts.

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The result? After a year or two and a few million dollars, a workable big data platform is unveiled.

Unfortunately, this is often too little, too late. Why? The organization has lost critical time and resources.

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