Who Is Going To Win Artificial Intelligence Race?

Who Is Going To Win Artificial Intelligence Race?

Who Is Going To Win Artificial Intelligence Race?
Major companies in the tech industry are racing to implement artificial intelligence technology into smartphones and other internet-linked devices in order to make them think like people.

CBS News reports that artificial intelligence (AI) projects at Carnegie Mellon aim to bring this emerging technology closed to our daily life. F0r instance, the CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform is a robot designed to perform dangerous tasks in situations that would put humans in too much risk, such as the 2011 disaster in Japan, at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Because CHIMP is designed to be able to work independently in disastrous conditions, it needs both mental and manual good skills.

AI researchers and the experts in robotics still have a lot to do before artificial intelligence applications will bring self-awareness. Tech analysts do not expect that artificial intelligence technology and robots will replace humans soon, as many of these AI apps are still in their infancy. For now, gripping and picking up a cup of coffee is still a difficult task for a robot, as the biggest challenge for robots is mastering human dexterity.

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Artificial intelligence has the potential to lead to a new technological revolution and to help us live a safer, more secure existence. The advancing in computing allows now users to interact with machines in natural language for tasks such as searching for information, making restaurant reservations, checking traffic or ordering goods. The AI technology implemented in these programs tries to create a world in which everyone can have a virtual assistant.

Venture Beat reports that the Obama administration concluded in a study of the potential impact of artificial intelligence that this emerging technology is evolving fast, holding great promise but also requiring strong vigilance. On the official website of The White House, the authors of the study state that AI will continue to be a valuable tool for improving the world and will contribute to economic growth in the coming years. The report, dubbed “Preparing for the future of Artificial Intelligence,” predicts that the new artificial intelligence applications will have an impact in various fields, including manufacturing, business, stock market analysis, economic inclusion, criminal justice, environment, transportation, health care and space exploration.

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The Obama administration considers that it is important that government, industry and civil society work together in order to manage the risks and challenges of the AI technology and develop its positive aspects. The Administration is committed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in building an AI-enhanced society as well as to take advantage of its benefits. The 58-page report commissioned earlier this year was released one day before the White House Frontiers Conference (that will explore the implications of AI) is scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh.

According to Space Daily, major tech companies are involved in an AI race. The emerging technology holds the potential to be a major driver of social progress and economic growth.

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