Data Pipeline goes open

Data Pipeline goes open, changing business models, and more open source news

Data Pipeline goes open, changing business models, and more open source news
The world of open source software is a busy place. Sometimes keeping up with all of the news, announcements, and cool things to be discovered can be difficult. Here’s a look at some of what we’re reading today.

Data Pipeline is Yelp’s internal tool for managing and directing streams of real-time data from their services to the processes that need it. Written in Python, Data Pipeline is made up of several individual components working together to connect the dots between data sources. In a¬†blog post yesterday, Yelp engineers announced that they have released several of the components of Data Pipeline under an open source license on GitHub for others to reuse as they see fit.

Two articles about the financial side of open source caught our attention this morning. The first, a look from ZDNet’s David Gewirtz at the various business models that support open source development and how commercial needs drive these models. Second, Ron Miller writing for TechCrunch takes a look at what the various announcements by former foes teaming up to support open source means for the software industry as a whole, and why we might continue to see ‘coopetition’ rise moving forward.

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