Infinite Data Overlap Detection Arrives to Speed Business Insights

Infinite Data Overlap Detection(IDOD) is a new, Spark-based technology that empowers non-technical business users to automatically discover data patterns and blendany data type for any set of values from multiple sources – both inside and outside the enterprise.

Everyday business users need fast-cycle data analysis to quickly deliver insights for marketing campaigns, sales strategies, operations, and R&D programs. But the problem is most companies don’t have enough IT and data experts at the ready to blend and accurately analyze the huge volume and variety of data fast enough to meet the growing business need for insights.

In primary research conducted last October, nearly 70 percent of companies reported they need access to refreshed data insights either hourly or daily. Eighty-six percent struggle with this challenge on a regular basis where four or more data sources and file formats are involved for analysis. A majority (68 percent) reported they experienced “data blindness” at least once per week because they couldn’t spot “what’s happening now, and why” soon enough, which impacts their ability to make smart decisions and perform their jobs well.

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This problem is exacerbated by the growing dearth of data experts. Through 2017, Gartner research predicts the number of business users doing data analysis will grow five times faster than the number of highly skilled data scientists — and most business users and analysts will access self-service tools to prepare data for analysis. (Source: Harvard Business Review, August 2015).

As a result, business professionals need to do the work themselves and be less reliant on technical data experts. This urgent business need is driving a strong demand for advanced software that automatically discovers, prepares and blends massive amounts of highly dimensional data that often require hundreds of terabytes of space for larger enterprises.

Enter Infinite Data Overlap Detection (IDOD), a new technology developed and just released for the first time for commercial use by ClearStory Data during July.

IDOD is a new, Spark-based technology that empowers non-technical business users to automatically discover data patterns and blend any data type for any set of values from multiple sources – both inside and outside the enterprise.

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