Office 365 opens a window into data governance

Office 365 opens a window into data governance

Office 365 opens a window into data governance
Knowing what data you have, along with where it’s located and lives, then managing that data to the needs of your organization are all part of data governance strategy. If you use Microsoft’s Office 365, you know it has many aspects ripe for data collection — and that can be confusing.

Clearly, data governance in Office 365 goes well beyond email archiving because there are now so many different conduits for data. In today’s world, people might communicate through email (a key data governance focus point), SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and/or Yammer. Then there’s all the data from your other systems that Office 365 can ingest via third-party tools.

As a result of this greater universe of data and data conduits, Microsoft is planning changes to its data-management tools. As an admin, you can see the current version’s import, archive, and retention options in your Office 365 portal, in the Security & Compliance section’s Data Governance tool.

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Microsoft says it will soon release an enhanced version tool with a data governance dashboard that provides data analytics and improved tools for data retention.

The new tool will take a broader look at the entire system of data so that you can easily establish policies with retention settings through a wizard.

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