Real-Time Streaming Analytics With Oracle GoldenGate

Real-Time Streaming Analytics With Oracle GoldenGate

Real-Time Streaming Analytics With Oracle GoldenGate
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Big Data continues to evolve with an increasing number of solutions running in-memory with real-time data processing. The combination of real-time data and processing, and real-time actions defines the new category of Streaming Analytics. Streaming Analytics responds to customer (or devices) in real time, with offers on a website, a SMS message, or even an outbound call from a customer support center. 

Steaming Analytics begins with a combination of events that define a scenario, which triggers a real-time action. Scenarios include real-time activities, and can include historical data, and include criteria such as a time window:

Once scenarios are defined, data sources are identified and “listeners” are integrated that identify and parse events, and deliver formatted messages to the event processing engine. The processing engine contains the business rules for each scenario, and provides scenario recognition in milliseconds, triggering the corresponding action. 

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Real-time event strategies can include virtually any data source, such as network events, system reboots, calls, web session activity, geolocation, and can be enhanced with historical data from CRM and other systems.

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