Tackle your Big Data challenges at the HPE Big Data Conference

Tackle your Big Data challenges at the HPE Big Data Conference

Tackle your Big Data challenges at the HPE Big Data Conference
One of the things I enjoy most about conferences like HPE’s Big Data Conference is the chance to talk with industry practitioners.  It’s always interesting to hear how people are tackling their Big Data problems.  As more organizations embrace IoT, I want to know how they are handling their data pipeline and how it scales.  I want to understand how users access data and what the analytics ecosystem looks like.  I’m also curious if they are using machine learning and predictive analytics and if they’ve found success incorporating it into their core business

Aside from the technical aspects, the business use cases are also very interesting.  As we enter a new era of utilizing data, knowing what questions to ask can be challenging.  It’s a chance to hear firsthand how organizations are formulating questions and applying that to a diverse set of data. 

I’m looking forward to the keynotes as I always enjoy hearing from Colin Mahony.  As the SVP and GM for Vertica, Colin speaks to executives daily that look to HPE to help with their Big Data problems.  He has a unique perspective and it’s great to hear what he is seeing in the industry.  You may recognize Phil Black from Shark Tank.  Phil is quite a renaissance man going from Yale University athlete to Goldman Sachs Investment Banker to Navy SEAL Officer to Harvard Business School graduate to San Diego Firefighter to successful Entrepreneur to husband and father of four sons – all before the age of 40.  Phil is going to share some lessons he has learned and how to apply them.  I’m also excited to hear Steve Spear from the High Velocity Edge.  I like the premise of his theme that anything designed will fail in unexpected ways, so everything needs an accelerated dynamic of error detection and correction.  Robert Youngjohns, EVP and GM for HPE software will also be speaking.  I always enjoy hearing what he is seeing and what HPE is doing with their software portfolio. 

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In addition to the keynotes, there are featured sessions that include how organizations like Cerner, New York Genome Center, DreamWorks Animation and the Spanish Ministry of Interior tackle their Big Data and machine learning (ML) problems.  These are great sessions where these organizations share details of how they use data to their advantage.  The stories Cerner and New York Genome Center shared at HPE Discover were tearjerkers and some of the best stories about data are how organizations are using it to help children.

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