Your Journey Towards Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Your Journey Towards Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Your Journey Towards Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, stream analytics… these are buzzwords that organizations believe will completely transform the way they do business. And they are right! The business value is somewhere locked behind the large volumes of structured and unstructured data coming from inside and outside the company. To unlock it, these organizations must be able to store this data, process it, identify trends, detect patterns, and find actionable insight in the sea of available information.

In this context, the choice of the right technology is crucial. Indeed, most organizations today are spending millions of dollars in installing and experimenting with very expensive hardware (often badly sized), and spending thousands of hours building skills and implementing solutions that often don’t even work like they should, thus not exploiting the entire potential of the product.

Is there another way to do this? Absolutely! Follow these two principles: make sure you do the right things, and make sure you do them the right way.

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Make sure you do the right things

We often see organizations having a big debate on which technology to use before even knowing what their analytical needs are, or they adapt their needs depending on what the technology they are planning to use offers. These are the first signs that their big data strategy is very likely to be unsuccessful.


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