Soft Skills are Vital for Data Governance Success

Soft Skills are Vital for Data Governance Success

Soft Skills are Vital for Data Governance Success

Since 2003 I have been helping individuals and organisations implement Data
Governance and since 2011 I’ve been running training courses on Data
Governance.  One of the interesting things that I have noticed is that most
people think data governance is a technical or analytical subject, but in
reality the majority of Data Governance activities are undertaken by
business users. I have discovered the most successful Data Governance
schemes are run as change management initiatives, led and supported by
individuals with well developed soft skills. 

Passion, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others towards achievement
of a goal, whether in Data Governance or any major change programme, will
stack the odds of success in your favour.  To some of you reading this,
Data Governance may seem a strange thing to be passionate about, but
consider this:

If you’re not buying it, they’re not buying it!

And that means bad news for everyone.

Being a strong communicator is also a huge asset. You will need to convince
people on a large scale, and influence them individually when proposing new
approaches to governing their data. As with any change there will be
resistance and having the soft skills to deal with that resistance
positively definitely works to your advantage.

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