Here’s how to fight crime with data analytics

Here’s how to fight crime with data analytics

Here’s how to fight crime with data analytics
Big Data is changing a lot of things, including the way in which the world fights crime. As predictive policing gains momentum across the globe, we caught up with Pankaj Kapoor, President ACSG Corporate, to discuss Big Data Analytics and the role it plays in controlling, monitoring and fighting crime in India.

Q: How do you think ‘Big Data Analytics’ can assist in battling crime?

A: Big Data… the name itself is quite explanatory. It means extremely large data sets ─ structured and non-structured ─ that may be analyzed computationally to reveal, predict, interpret inference patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

Crime has patterns, just like everything else. The automation and digitization of FIRs, investigation reports, case files, dossiers, etc., are now generating data that was never available to law enforcement agencies in India. Today, crime agencies can foresee and prevent large number of criminal activities, thanks to analytics tools that can predict incidents.

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For example, one of the state police departments we’re working with is using ACSG technology to predict, aggregate and analyze public safety data streams in real time. The department is analyzing data from live camera feeds, emergency calls, police reports and other sources by applying “Smart Facial Recognition & Voice Analytics”. This data is then correlated to the Dossier Systems with the use of “Text Analytics”.

Q: Has Big Data Analytics been implemented anywhere else?

A: Globally, the field of data analytics is gaining momentum. Police departments from various countries are adopting similar technologies. In India, we have successfully deployed various big data analytics tools for five law enforcement agencies, and are in advanced talks with, at least, seven more agencies.

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