Privacy In The Age Of The Data Breach

Privacy In The Age Of The Data Breach

Privacy In The Age Of The Data Breach

It seems not even a week can go by without another major consumer-related data breach hitting the headlines, adding to the already impressive list of giants who have fallen to cyber attackers – Target, Ashley Madison, Ebay, to name just a few. Not only do these breaches result in millions of pounds of damage to share prices and sales, but for their customers it fuels a spike in fear about what actually happens to the data they are handing over.

At a time when customer loyalty is increasingly tied to data security, and when customer experience can be comprehensively ruined even by unverified reports of a breach, this is a dangerous state of affairs for enterprises.

In short, the growing list of personal data breaches is provoking panic among consumers. The latest research into the State of the Data Nation reveals that security fears stop half of UK consumers sharing personal data. What’s more, over half are reclaiming access and plan to share less data over the next three years, while a third claim nothing could incentivise them to share data at all.

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But that’s not all. Along with the challenge of bolstering customer trust, businesses also have a job on their hands to stay within regulatory confines when it comes to data security. Just look at the latest EU data rules.


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