Private and open data in Asia: A regional guide


The rise of big data—high volume, high velocity, and high variety data—in recent years coincides with the economic and political rise of Asia. As Asia continues to expand economically, it becomes an important market for big data. Business models relying on the collection, manipulation, enhancement, sale, or use of data—and it is rapidly becoming apparent that all businesses benefit from being more data driven—must pursue the treasure trove that is the East. Asia already dominates the world in terms of Internet access (nearly half of the world’s entire population of Internet users, around 45%, reside in Asia). South Korea and Japan are highly developed countries, with high Internet penetration rates (roughly the same as the United States and Europe, sitting at 80%+). More importantly, China, India, and Indonesia have enormous populations, but relatively low Internet penetration (46%, 24%, 16%, respectively). While these three countries already have massive Internet-using populations that will provide both data and the market for data, they will also continue to grow as their national Internet ecosystems mature. And with economic prosperity, Internet penetration will increase, and so too will the usage of smartphones, social media, and ecommerce. In addition, with the rise of smartphones, many of these countries have skipped the personal computer age, going directly to mobile.

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