SQL Examiner Suite for Cross Database Migration

SQL Examiner Suite for Cross Database Migration

SQL Examiner Suite for Cross Database Migration
Usually when it comes to database migration these days, you are moving to the cloud. Top cloud vendors provide utilities and incentives to ease that process. What if you want to switch databases to save on premium licensing costs? For example, migrate an Oracle database to MySQL. What if you develop software that needs to support multiple target database environments such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and so on. Those are ideal use cases for a cross database utility .

Most of the popular database migration and synchronization utilities in the market today only support a single database vendor type. There seem to be only a few truly enterprise quality, cross database migration solutions that can translate schemas and synchronize data between different types of databases.

Recently I tested replication solutions, ETL and migration utilities starting with open source MySQL Workbench . I liked the price – free. I also like the simple wizard. However, I found it to be terribly slow and buggy. I could not complete migration of a tiny demo AdventureWorks database on my fancy 32GB RAM development laptop. Thus I looked for alternative solutions for database migrations.
SQL Examiner Suite

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One of the best solutions at a reasonable cost that I tested was SQL Examiner Suite by SQL Accessories. Historically in SQL Server realm, SQL Examiner has received good reviews and impressive, big name client references hidden at the very bottom of their web site.
Being an avid solution tester, I wanted to give SQL Examiner a try. Here are my impressions and notes from a “hands on” review. All in all, I really liked it and will use it in the future myself. As cloud gets adopted and pricing becomes more competitive, I am betting that there will be more migrations of software and databases. In the meantime, even small companies that want to reduce database licensing costs can benefit from moving to less expensive MySQL that has come a looooooooong way since I first learned it fifteen years ago.

Installing SQL Examiner Suite was quick and easy. The software design quality and user experience were strong. I was impressed by the cross database migration support for the following databases including raw back up files.
Microsoft Access
OLE DB or ODBC databases
Database back up files

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SQL Examiner’s schema and data migration was both fast and accurate. The data compare with source and target backup files was nice. I also appreciated customization of migration templates for data filtering, ignoring what to compare and script generation styles.

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