Life Time Fitness: Business Results with Hybrid Analytics

Life Time Fitness: Business Results with Hybrid Analytics

Life Time Fitness: Business Results with Hybrid Analytics
We’re seeing a big uptick in our on-premise customers who are moving to hybrid analytics deployments that mix on-premise and cloud. They’re seeking speed to value, moving from a world in which it can take six months to stand up a data warehouse to the one where they can use Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) to stand it up in a day. When IT organizations are working to meet demanding timelines, the cloud speed of deployment  advantage is a very useful tool to have.  At the same time, hybrid deployments make data management for complex for IT.

A great recent success in this regard is Life Time Fitness. Based near Minneapolis, Life Time has more than 118 fitness centers in the USA and Canada, most of them open 24 hours a day. In addition to the standard racks of weights and exercise machines, each club offers classes, personal training, nutrition services and more—a holistic approach to wellness.

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Life Time focuses on helping members achieve their health goals, and that requires a high level of “customer intimacy” that only great data can provide. They want to know what services members are using, and how often, their goals, and more—all to make sure they offer the right mix of services so that each member can achieve maximum success.

Like many organizations, Life Time has a mix of on-premise and cloud applications, but the company takes a cloud-first approach. Their starting point for any new technology effort is to look to the cloud first as they evaluate where it makes sense to deploy a new project.

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