Data Publishing Use Case: GIS for Government

Data Publishing Use Case: GIS for Government

Data Publishing Use Case: GIS for Government

Many governmental departments just recently started to discover how to benefit fully from geospatial technologies. Especially in the case of planning, public works and services, having an adequate tool for data visualization on the map might be a game changer in terms of creating an efficient workflow. This concerns sharing the data on current projects such as infrastructure maintenance and expansion within and between the departments, sub-departments, ministries and other smaller and larger organizational units. In conducting the project on a larger scale, it is also important to havea good infrastructure for making the data publicly available, completing a data flow circle with the best possible outcome.

An example coming from theSecretariat of Public Works, a department of the Argentine Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services shows how the needs in the public sector can easily be met with a simple mapping solution. 

The imperative coming from the department was to havea reliable, fast and cost-efficient data sharing and publishing solution. What the Secretariat of Public Works had in mind was to open the access to information about more than 45 000 federal public works to their citizens. The projects which were to be shown on the map were the result of government programs conducted in the last 12 years, as a collaboration from different departments throughout Argentina.

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All that information, concerning various works in the healthcare, education, transportation, residential and other parts of infrastructure should be easily accessed and managed by both governmental staff and the citizens of Argentina.

In the process of finding the perfect solution for sharing and publishing the data,the biggest challenge was to find a way to escape from the ‘inertia’ of having the GIS data limited to desktop solutions.


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