5 Artificial Intelligence Services Every Salesperson Should Try to Boost Their Sales

Artificial Intelligence is all over the news these days with companies like Google, Facebook and Apple investing heavily, but it can be hard for individual salespeople and entrepreneurs to know which services they can use without the need of a large IT staff or a corporate approval process.

These services offer something unique like helping to find the right prospect to follow-up with, scheduling a meeting or finding insight on a customer. In each case, these services do not require any IT knowledge for setup, management, or maintenance.

What it does: Assistant who schedules meetings for you

How many times have you engaged a prospect, but it took a large number of emails back and forth to schedule that next meeting? Instead you can use’s assistant ‘Amy’ who connects to your calendar and emails your contact on your behalf. She proposes free times and will send out calendar invites once an agreement on time and place has been met.

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Bonus points: Amy can even learn your favorite places for coffee or lunch and will add those to your meetings.

What it does: Sales assistant keeps you focused on top prospects

How many deals are you chasing at one time? The more deals you’re working, the more you need this service. Spiro connects with your phone, email and calendar to know what business you’re going after, and automatically reminds you to follow-up with things that you might be missing.

Had a meeting with a prospect a few days ago, but haven’t called or emailed them since? Spiro reminds you. Delivered a proposal to a prospect but they haven’t gotten back to you yet, Spiro will send you a notification to reach out to them.

Bonus points: Spiro comes with 7 different ‘personalities’ which range from R-Rated to Coach to Surfer Dude, which can actually be very amusing.

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