Emerging Data Needs Fuel New Data Management

Emerging Data Needs Fuel New Data Management

Companies have always exchanged data, inside and outside their organizations, to facilitate business interactions and decision. Much of it has been financial or customer data, often of a transactional type.

A change is underway though. Companies feel they need new types and scopes of data to make decisions or facilitate interactions between customers and partners. This recognized need for reliable and secure means of exchanging data within and between companies is fueling new developments in data management. 

Three aspects of data management have taken on new importance in light of this — the ability to find data, the importance of data governance and security, and the potential of automation.

These issues were front and center at Informatica World 2016, held in San Francisco from May 23-26. 

When speaking with Informatica customers, the same themes popped up over and over: Knowledge workers of all stripes are asking for — demanding, actually — access to data to help make decisions. 

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Unfortunately, just finding data posed difficulties. Data was kept in a variety of data stores, based on applications, geography and type of data. It often takes weeks for someone in IT to pull the data and build a static report for business users. 

That’s much too slow for today’s business climate. Customers consistently expressed the need to get new data daily or even in real-time, rather than the more typical weekly reports.

This is why Informatica's Live Data Map technology excited many of its customers. The company intends the software to form the beating heart of a company’s data management. It provides a catalog of data and knowledge graph of data relationships throughout the organization, enabling knowledge workers to find and access whatever data they need and have permissions to use. 

The most interesting thing about the Live Data Map is that it is dynamic — that’s the live part. Most data catalogs are static constructs. Informatica designed Live Data Map to update as more data, and data relationships and usage information become available.

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