Twitter integrates with Yelp for location tags in the UK and Japan, bypassing Foursquare

A year ago, Twitter ramped up its game in location services when it announced an integration with Foursquare to provide venue suggestions when you wanted to tag where you were Tweeting. Interestingly, that deal appears to have applied only to the U.S., and now that Twitter’s expanding the service, it has partnered with one of Foursquare’s big competitors, Yelp, to power it.

Today, Yelp announced a Twitter integration in the UK and Japan, which will give users the option of selecting places provided by Yelp when they tag location in their Tweets. And when users click on places when reading Tweets, they get a separate card with more details like address and Yelp rating, along with a deep link to go directly to view that venue on the Yelp app itself.

The service goes live on iOS and Android from today, and is coming soon to Twitter on the web, Yelp notes.

The UK and Japan integrations come about a month after Yelp quietly announced the feature in Germany, its first market for the service. It will also be coming to France in coming months, Yelp said.

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Why these three first? First of all, Twitter’s in a deal with Foursquare at the moment in the U.S. so it seems that is out of the picture. (We have contacted Twitter with more questions about this, including whether Yelp will be taking over this feature in the U.S., and will update as we learn more.)

But also, the UK, Germany and Japan are strong ones for both Yelp and Twitter (Yelp perhaps stronger than Foursquare?), giving them a good head start in getting people to use this. “Germans are increasingly showing their Yelp love,” writes Chad Richard, SVP for business and corporate development at Yelp, “so we thought it’s time to show some love right back.

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