Boundless Launches Open-Source GIS Ecosystem

Boundless Launches Open-Source GIS Ecosystem

Boundless Launches Open-Source GIS Ecosystem

New York-based Boundless, a provider of geospatial services has launched it calls the world’s first open GIS ecosystem. The offering extends the capabilities of Boundless GIS, a subscription GIS service and Boundless Desktop, the company’s full-featured desktop GIS system.

Boundless is a newer entrant into the geospatial market, competing against heavyweights like Esri. But, the company has backing from In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm, as well as other private investors, providing a cash infusion that has elevated the company rapidly.

With its new open-source platform, Boundless is aiming at clients that need scalability and want to avoid expensive licensing agreements. “We all know that the “where” in business and government is becoming more and more important,” explains Boundless Chief Evangelist Anthony Calamito in an interview with CivSource. “Google has made geospatial ordinary in the sense that people now feel comfortable pulling up mapping applications to improve decision making.  As a result, we’ve seen a significant growth in the demand for geo-enabled services which provide mapping data.”

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Calamito says the new ecosystem is a response to that demand. Boundless is based on an open-source platform that is license-free and cloud-based. Boundless Connect is designed to provide an educational and support platform with tutorials for setting up services as well as an application marketplace to extend the platform’s capabilities. Connect works with Boundless GIS, which is basically straight up geospatial software based on QGIS, offering all of the features mapping users have come to expect.


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