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    5 December 2016

  • END
    6 December 2016

ETC Venues Bischopsgate, London

AI Europe 2016. When you think of Artificial Intelligence, you can’t help but think of another fantasy land where Ex Machina and The Matrix are taking over the world. Your mind travels to another world, a future that is so far away. In reality, the term “Artificial Intelligence” comprises a vast and diverse ecosystem of technologies that represent very powerful opportunities for your business competitiveness!

Experts and professionals all agree: Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and will transform every field in a company, and every industry will be profoundly affected. Artificial Intelligence, which had its fair share of setbacks, is now ready to change the world, thanks to the combination of extraordinary technological advances, the rise of Big Data and the new opportunities created by the Internet of Things.

The figures of AI revenue for industries show how integrating AI will be a growth driver for businesses. Today, we are at a critical point in history. Everyone must step in, understand the key benefits and issues of AI, and the mandatory changes that must take place in order to bring intelligence to life. From cars, cities, homes, to work, even the marketing department… Everything can and will be connected. The potential of the market is huge!

AI Europe 2016:

·          1000+ Attendees: connect with top European strategists and influencers

·          50+ Speakers: learn from the best and the brightest in AI, including AI visionaries, leading experts, industry innovators and disruptive start-ups

·           30 Exhibitors: engage in networking and real-life demonstrations

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