Europe’s Premier Conference On Business Applications of Text, Social, and Sentiment Analysis

Seth Grimes

President & Principal Consultant at Alta Plana Corporation
Seth specializes in strategic IT analysis, architecture & planning with a focus on business intelligence (BI) and text analytics systems. Seth consults via Alta Plana Corporation, organizes the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, and writes for InformationWeek and other UBM TechWeb publications. For consulting, visit .

Europe’s Premier Conference On Business Applications of Text, Social, and Sentiment Analysis

My thanks to Yves for the opportunity to tell you about a Brussels conference I organize, LT-Accelerate, Europe's premier conference covering business applications of text, social, and sentiment analysis.

LT-Accelerate takes place soon, 23-24 November.

Do consider joining us.

Use the promotional code MEETUP for a 15% registration discount, at

LT-Accelerate is for insights and media professionals, researchers, and technologists. It is a co-production of my company, US consultancy Alta Plana Corporation, and LT-Innovate, Europe's language technology forum. We have recruited authoritative, interesting speakers -- on social measurement and engagement, consumer insights and market research, customer intelligence, text analytics and sentiment analysis, publishing, and innovation. These fields are keys to competitive advantage for brands, agencies, government, and consultancies.

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Brand and agency speakers represent Deloitte, Ipsos, TNS, TOTAL, Wolters Kluwer, and Xerox -- plus leading technologists and innovative solution providers. Attendees will hear from Google Research Zurich, Yahoo Research Barcelona, and Twitter EMEA and more.

Interviews with several of the speakers will give you an idea what the conference is about:

- Research and Insights: How Ipsos Loyalty Applies Text Analytics (Jean-Fran├žois Damais)
- An Inside View of Language Technologies at Google (Enrique Alfonseca),
- Gain Deeper Insights from Networks PLUS Content (Preriit Souda, TNS),
- Language Use, Customer Personality, and the Customer Journey (Scott Nowson, Xerox),

If you wish to keep up with leading-edge text & social analytics, for research & insights, and can make it to Brussels, please join us at LT-Accelerate!

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