The Hadoop Journey with Cloudera

The Hadoop Journey with Cloudera [Video]

Yves Mulkers

Yves is a Business Intelligence Architect, specialised in Data Integration. He has a wide focus and domain expertise on All Things Data. His skillset ranges from the Bits and Bytes up to the strategic level on how to be competitive with Data and how to optimise business processes.

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Justin Erickson, Product Manager at Cloudera, presents the recent history and development of Hadoop. YARN and MapReduce 2 have become standard and speed and security of storage has been addressed. Apache Spark has appeared as a successor to MapReduce. Impala 2.0 interactive SQL is a key advancement, running faster and bringing better SQL compliance and usability. Kafka brings increased performance and can be configured as a fast, reliable Apache Flume channel. Hue also brings a real UI for Hadoop with search, sentry, and much more. Recorded at Data Field Day 1 in San Francisco, CA on May 13, 2015. For more information, see or

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