The Trick One AI Startup Uses for Rapid Innovation

The Trick One AI Startup Uses for Rapid Innovation

The Trick One AI Startup Uses for Rapid Innovation
As AI continues to take over the world, startups like Clara Labs have to rely on contemporary tactics built upon tested methods in order to ensure the revolutionary products they’re building are capable of staying ahead of the competition. All while trying to stay focused and nimble.

Clara Labs first public product, a virtual employee that helps you stay on top of your calendar, has received a lot of acclaim as a result. The success of Clara comes, in part, from the company’s ability to solve real-world needs in a rapidly evolving and ever improving way.

Just include Clara into you email conversation and a complex system of machine learning software can help automate scheduling meetings or follow-ups without you having to worry over time zone differences, overbooked calendars, or archived messaging. While email and schedule optimization is where Clara currently works most effectively, the team behind the product says that new methods for managing relationships and getting more done–outside of email–are close to follow.

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How does Clara Labs handle being in the forefront of artificial intelligence and virtual assistants? Better yet: what can you learn from them in order to ensure you’re moving fast enough with your own, riskier ideas without crashing and burning?

Karan Nelson, Clara Labs CEO, says that the trick to successfully run such an innovative product company is to make sure you’re not entirely delusional. In a recent Q&A with ProductHunt she writes:

Of course if you aren’t proficient at talking to existing or would-be customers it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re not good at listening, for example, you’ll only ever hear what you want to hear.

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