What You Need to Know About Failure

What You Need to Know About Failure

What You Need to Know About Failure
Most of us know at least something about success, but many of us don’t really want to discuss failure or even think about it.

Failure is something we want to hide, to lock up behind closed doors.

But why is our relationship to failure so negative?

Successful people agree that at the core of all success is failure–that every failure, if we learn our lessons well, will lead us to our successful self.

So why are we so negative about failure? How can we reset our thinking?

We need a new understanding of what failure really means. We need to grasp that it doesn’t mean game over but try again, this time with more experience.

And if that’s true, failure is the opportunity for us to begin again intelligently.

To do so, though, we need to learn the reasons why we fail. Here are a few of the most common:

1. A fixed mindset. It’s satisfying to believe that what you know and how you know it is always the right way, but of course we don’t know it all. Instead we need a growth mindset, one that believes there’s always something to learn, something to grow with, something to get better at. it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.

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2. Stagnant development. Most of us can get pretty far on our natural strength, gifts and talents. But at some point we may discover we don’t have the skills we need to keep advancing, and we find ourselves at a standstill. To grow, we need to always keep developing ourselves. If we stop learning we stop growing.

3. No clear purpose.

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