DataStax adds graph databases to enterprise Cassandra product set

DataStax adds graph databases to enterprise Cassandra product set

When DataStax acquired Aurelius, a graph database startup last year, it was clear it wanted to add graph database functionality to its DataStax Enterprise product, and today it achieved that goal when it announced the release of DataStax Enterprise Graph.

The new enterprise graph product has been fully integrated into the DataStax Enterprise product set, giving customers an integrated graph option for the first time in addition to key-value, tabular and JSON/document models it offered previously.

After working closely with 10 Beta customers including Kaiser Permanente, Cambridge Intelligence and Linkurious for the past couple of months, the company is ready to release the product to the world. The new graph database is built on top of the open source Titan graph database, which was originally developed by Aurelius.

DataStax Enterprise Graph is actually a set of products that includes DataStax Enterprise Server for the graph database component, DataStax OpsCenter for the management piece, DataStax Studio for graph visualization and DataStax Drivers for various language support.

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