4 Tools to Consider for Retail Data Integration

4 Tools to Consider for Retail Data Integration

4 Tools to Consider for Retail Data Integration
The proliferation of data from outside sources is increasingly becoming a boon for retailers who hunger for deeper insights into their customers’ behavior. As a result, organizations small and large are rapidly adopting Data Integration tools that help them in keeping up with demand for sensor, social media, payment and all other kinds of related data. The more a retailer can learn about customer buying choices and patterns, the better they can aim to serve them, resulting in more complete relationships and added profit. In addition, retailers are also taking a closer look at data they generate on their own, and integration tools can certainly assist them with merchandising, marketing campaigns, and much more. Here we outline four of the top Data Integration solutions that retailers should consider to make better use of expanding data volumes:

Pentaho helps leading retailers gain greater visibility into their customers, product sales, and suppliers to improve their financial performance and maximize profits. In one solution, Pentaho integration for retailers allows stakeholders to manage operations, marketing, merchandising, supply chain and finance in a single pane of glass. Retails can build intelligent supply chains, segment markets and understand customer buying behavior, implement market-driven pricing and promotion, closely monitor operations, and ensure consistency between field execution and corporate strategy.

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