5 Tools to Consider for Healthcare Data Integration

5 Tools to Consider for Healthcare Data Integration

5 Tools to Consider for Healthcare Data Integration
The healthcare industry is home to some of the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking new technologies. While healthcare organizations continue to be early adopters of new technologies to assist medical professionals in cutting costs, advancing care, and improving outcomes, challenges remain when it comes to utilizing data in profitable ways. The biggest challenge is likely how medical firms will deal with the growing volume and velocity of data they collect. Despite widespread use of electronic health records, the integration of healthcare data is a top-of-mind subject for stakeholders in this sector. Here we outline five of the top integration solutions that healthcare organizations should consider so they can make better use of data:

Attunity software can aggregate data and files, including those using the HL7 messaging standard, across all major database, data warehouse, Hadoop and cloud platforms, rapidly and without manual coding. These tools lay the foundation for powerful analytics, based on automated workflows and business rules.

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Informatica offers a wide range of Data Management tools for companies in the healthcare field, including analytics, integration and governance, designed to facilitate the centricity of the patient for improved outcomes and reduced costs. Informatica also offers cloud connectivity for healthcare environments, allowing administrators to integrate data with on-premise applications, claims processing, and more.

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