How The Internet Of Things Can Make Cities More Sustainable

A lighting network powered by Vodafone and Philips integrates devices to help cities cut costs

Mobile operator Vodafone partnered with Philips Lighting, combining an Internet of Things (IoT) network with an LED street light system. This enables the implementation of smart street lighting systems connected wirelessly, saving energy and making maintenance more efficient.

The lighting system uses Vodafone’s machine-to-machine (M2M) network to connect individual light points. Each street lamp will have a Vodafone M2M SIM and with this the lamps are connected to Philips’ CityTouch, a street lighting management system that integrates connected devices. This system allows city authorities to monitor and manage lighting through a user-friendly system and engineers are able to control the lighting remotely. It’s possible to turn the brightness up or down, and for lights to be switched on or off, all from a web browser.;

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