Exploring Drivers of Innovation Change

Exploring Drivers of Innovation Change

I always show a particular interest in statements claiming to have identified a relevant driver of innovation change, then to think through these. Let me offer mine.

Using the different drivers can give you new insights into your innovation activities plus also can prompt significant changes to freshen up your innovation portfolio. They are certainly a good place to start to get the creative juices flowing even more.

Periodically I would suggest you work through each of these as potential drives of change and see if this changes your thinking or approach is taking is a real driver and you can really see a different angle or opportunity that might emerge that really does changes the thinking and offer up some really new innovation ideas .

• Emotional Drivers.  as we learn, dream, create and get into a ‘freer’ spirit, it often opens up our thinking. I sometimes associate heroes and champions or relate recognized mentors and facilitators and look for what makes the emotional connection, then I ask: “can I use this or be inspired by them” to drive something within my innovation activities or not? What triggers different sentiments, warmth, excitement or feeling?

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• Social Drivers – The more we seek interactions, they become (or should become) meaningful and enduring. These connections allow us to think and relate, deepen the association. As we also seek out others accomplishments, can this trigger ideas, principles or actions that we can apply in what we are doing. What can we offer that meets  different desires, aspirations, prompts dialogues and might reflect for instance, a more caring and sharing viewpoint. These are drivers that make us more socially relevant and connected.

Technology Drivers – These tend to be better leveraged and understood, in collaborative methods and techniques, ones where we can demonstrate, connect the physical and virtual world, which moves us to better, clearer, even faster transactions. Technology is a really powerful enabler of innovation if you tune into the four fast-moving disruptive forces of social, mobile, cloud and analytics that are all driven by an explosion of data and fueling a new era of innovation for many. Imagine if you can harness technologies application and ‘raw’ power, there becomes a higher chance of finding the needle of useful innovation insights that lie within the binary haystack we all are coping with today. As you learn to analyse and sort these technology drivers, can give you new insights into different trends, patterns and needs, that might even radically alter the meaning within your business and how and what you offer, with even new business models emerging from the evaluations.

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• Environment Drivers – these become critical. The more we encourage the right environment the more we create a culture that others can relate too and work within. One that encourages, and underlines the determination of bringing in diversity, collaborative and distinctly different behavioral patterns that encourages even more to join in, to relate and participate in generating ideas and solutions. By providing a welcoming environment you can drive growing awareness, trust and shared understanding that build a very powerful set of innovation drivers if the Environment thinking is right and tuned into the world of what needs to be reflected within your products and services..

• Measurement Drivers – We are all familiar with the classic input, process, outputs and outcomes we strive to find measures for, good or bad. I tend to look for measurement in the knowledge that is being driven through an organization in its absorptive capacities of accessing, anchoring and its eventual diffusion. If we measure actual utilization or assimilation then can we explore these in deeper ways, to draw out the aspects that make up both tacit and explicit outcomes needed.;

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