Modular data center startup gets funding

Modular data center startup gets funding

Pre-fabricated, shipping container-like stackable modules, containing data center gear are the future, according to Keystone NAP, a startup vendor, who’s recently obtained new funding.

The modular specialist has borrowed $15 million through finance adviser White Oak to complete a property acquisition, and “finance expansion,” the Philadelphia Enquirer says.

Modular data centers are one of the three top trends in data center land, according to Keystone NAP co-founder Shawn R. Carey, writing last year on the Advance Healthcare Network website. The other two fads being outsourcing, and hybrid cloud.

Research last year projected a 31.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2015 and 2020 for the modular data center genre, with developing markets like China and India leading the thrust.

Modular data centers are better than regular ones, thinks Keystone NAP. The KeyBlocks, as the company calls the large individual containers, offer more flexibility, particularly in a shared space, it says on its website.

“With different modules for different clients, companies can customize power, cooling, and network connectivity configurations,” the site says. In other words, each modular unit can be unique in temperature, security, bandwidth and so on. If a client wants a certain environment, or new switches, say, it can get the work completed on the units that pertain to it—the whole building doesn’t have to upgrade resources.

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Modular data centers aren’t new. Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have all deployed solutions, Keystone NAP says.

What’s interesting about the startup’s model, though, is that its business has an emphasis on multi-tenant environments. Theoretically, each container within the space can be dedicated to a different client.;


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