All Roads Lead to Digital Disruption


As most leaders know, success is accomplished through people. Smart technology helps, but succeeding in today’s digital realm is a challenge that requires more than simply consuming more technology. Without smart, dedicated workers adopting a people-first strategy that serves as the main platform of an organization, all other attempts to create a thriving business—whether through raw technology, innovation or brute business force—will eventually hit a wall.

In order to allow consumers, workers and ecosystem partners to accomplish more with technology, business and IT leaders will have to create a culture that sees technology as the way to enable people to constantly adapt and learn, continually create new solutions, drive relentless change and disrupt the status quo. In an age where the focus is locked on technology, true leaders will put people first.

Once it’s recognized that all roads lead back to people, it’s just as important to understand that a parallel road leads to the wide open spaces of digital disruption.;

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