Why Marketers Need to Make Marketing Data a Priority

Why Marketers Need to Make Marketing Data a Priority

3 Reasons You Should Make Marketing Data a Priority For Your Business

Marketing data lies at the heart of your business and, therefore, it’s vital that you effectively nurture it. Data is not a static entity – it evolves and changes – and so it’s a mistake not to keep your eye firmly on the ball. Consider some of these questions. Is your marketing data correct and up-to-date? Is it segmented? Are you using your current data to inform your marketing campaigns? What insights does it provide.

A revolution is coming in the way brands and organisations gather customer insights. That’s the view of Stan Sthanunathan, senior vice president, consumer & market insights at Unilever. Speaking at the Market Research Society’s Impact 2016 event, Sthanunathan said: "The pace of change has never been slow but it’s only going to accelerate exponentially." He said brands can spend too much time researching consumer groups when they need to act fast.

Wearable Data Gives Marketers That Real-Time Connection With Consumers

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Biometrics and imagination will transform into utilities that give brands the ability to collect wearable data from the human body for smarter ad targeting.;


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