How This Company Plans to Unlock the True Power the Internet of Things

Our digital landscape is rapidly being taken over by a seemingly endless list of everyday appliances that now have the ability to communicate with each other–the network of objects commonly known as the Internet of Things.

The colossal amounts of information being collected will continue to be added to the heaving pile of so-called big data. Meanwhile, Gartner advised that over half of new business processes and systems will also incorporate elements of the Internet of Things.

The big questions are about the business value that we can leverage from IoT. How can we transform these figures and statistics into tangible benefits to deliver the strategic advantage over our competitors?

The data behind IoT represents a wealth of opportunities. But, there is an equal measure of excitement and fear in the air. It seems there are more questions than answers behind the tech trend that everyone want to know more about.

Callidus software believe they have the answer to these questions with their new platform. It will deliver data in real time to specific sales and marketing applications. The new release will formally be unveiled at Callidus Cloud’s C3 Conference in Las Vegas. But, the time to think about how your organization can leverage the data behind the ubiquitous treasure trove of IoT should begin immediately.

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I reached out to Giles House, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of Callidus Software, to understand what challenges IoT will bring to sales processes across the globe and he replied.

“The sales process is becoming increasingly complex, with more buyers involved and cycles taking longer,” House said. “Buyers are accustomed to immediate information and expect instant response–the days of a firm handshake being enough to close the deal are long gone.;

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