How This Former Microsoft Exec Will Help You Make Sense of Your Company’s Data

How This Former Microsoft Exec Will Help You Make Sense of Your Company’s Data

According to a report by AIG, there will be 40 to 50 billion connected objects by 2020. A world where the much-lauded Internet of Things (IoT) provides a colossal amount of data is already our reality. But how do we make sense of this incoming deluge of information?

Meet the Internet-of-Things analytics platform  Buddy. The Seattle-based tech firm collects, processes and delivers massive amounts of IoT data generated by any connected device at large scale--in high velocity and in real-time.  

Organizations have been scratching their heads trying to unlock the hidden value of their data for some time now. This new platform claims to have delivered the first-to-market IoT data graph and could bring on a wave of data-driven services that offer tangible business benefits.

Buddy's IoT data graph enables organizations to analyze data from any IoT device in real time using a broad range of best-in-class BI (business intelligence) and M2M ( machine to machine) applications or systems. 

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The company insists that all Buddy requires is the addition of only three to five lines of code in any connected device. This allows the simplified process to be designed to connect any device to any backend application or system.

The IoT data graph platform is purposely designed to be operating system-agnostic and can connect any device, sensor, appliance or beacon to any of the world's most popular data mining software tools, securely and instantly. 

By replacing what has traditionally been an expensive and labor intensive process, it now enables businesses to process their IoT data for faster business decision making.;


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