3 Trends Shaping Local Search in 2016


Technology continues to shape the way we live and interact with brands. Searches on mobile devices have surpassed desktop, transforming the way people find a local business. As a result, today’s battle for consumers is often won or lost with local search.

Yet a big challenge for marketers lies in the complex and ever changing nature of the local search ecosystem. Local Search is changing faster and more frequently than ever before, making it extremely difficult for marketers to keep pace and prioritize their efforts. 

So how will local search marketing change this year? Where should marketers focus their time and effort? This presentation will review the latest trends in local search including major updates regarding Facebook and Apple, Google’s New My Business API, and the differences in taking a manual vs automated approach to local search. Michael Solms from Go Local Interactive will share his take on the trends shaping local search and how adaptable brands and marketers will win with local search marketing in 2016.;

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