Meet The CEO Running A Billion-Dollar Company With No Offices Or Email

Even if you aren’t familiar with what WordPress is, or use it to publish content on the Web, there’s a good chance you’ve visited a website that runs on it — and probably within just the past 24 hours.

That’s because WordPress–an open source content management system–powers an astonishing 25 percent of all websites today.

I recently spoke with Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, the company that offers a range of products and services for WordPress users.

Automattic is valued today at over $1 billion.

Matt joined me for a wide-ranging conversation on my podcast, in which he shared his aspiration to capture the other 75 percent of the internet that WordPress doesn’t already manage.

He also explained how his 400-person team works largely from home or in co-located offices in 43 countries, and relies almost entirely on an internal blogging platform for communication and collaboration–while avoiding the use of email.

The following are excerpts from my conversation with Matt, which you can listen to in full on my podcast:

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It’s probably a lifelong mission, to be honest.  The idea is to give everyone regardless of what language you speak or how much money you have, the ability to have a voice online using the best software in the world.

You or I can download and publish using the exact same software that The New Yorker uses for And I think that is relatively unique in the history of the world. We don’t have access to the same printing press as The New York Times, but in the digital world we can have the same software as The New Yorker.

Right now, we power about 25 percent of all websites–the largest of any of the content management systems. The number two has around 3 percent. But we are not happy that we have just 25 percent, and we see a lot of work to get the remaining 75 percent.;

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