2017 Will See Strong Focus on Machine Learning

2017 Will See Strong Focus on Machine Learning, Data Consolidation

2017 Will See Strong Focus on Machine Learning, Data Consolidation
This year has seen a flurry of activity in areas around machine learning and artificial intelligence, and those two trends are expected to continue strong in 2017. But what else will be the dominant trends in data management and information technology in the New Year?

Tuval Chomut, chief information officer at Clicktale, a leader in digital customer experience, offers his thoughts on what will be the top five trends to watch.

“Machine learning features are now being added by an increasing number of tech vendors, and by the end of 2017, we foresee machine learning-based personalization being a ubiquitous part of any digital experience,” Chomut predicts.

“Vendors are starting to provide platforms to personalize every experience on the web, but it’s not yet mainstream, and we have a long way to go because people are still struggling with the basics,” Chomut says. “Instead, enterprises will look towards creating customer segments and then adapting offers to specific segments. A segment can be as small as ‘people who scrolled to 50% of the screen but then did not purchase’ or ‘people who left feedback on this product page’.”

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“In 2017, we will see more companies moving away from websites designed for tablets into one unified mobile experience for smartphones and tablets,” Chomut says. “Companies have found it challenging to maintain four different platforms for desktop, mobile, tablet and apps, and in many cases, there is no need for this differentiation. The line between a smartphone and a tablet is fading, both in terms of screen size, functionality and user expectations.

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