Why You Need Good Business Analysis: Better Business Performance

Why You Need Good Business Analysis: Better Business Performance

Why You Need Good Business Analysis: Better Business Performance
Every organization performs business analysis, and good business analysis is all about better business performance. Together, technology and good business analysis are the keys to superior results.

By using an expert in business analysis, your projects or actions will be created for you to the highest of standards bringing you a far lower risk of failure.

This gives a business peace of mind when they know they have;

Proper business analysis engages and empowers stakeholders, allowing them to deliver value to customers in better ways.

Here’s the thing about business analysis.  It’s all about helping more companies to think about the “why” before going ahead, thus preventing a technology project or initiative providing little or no value to an organization.

Here’s an example of a proper business analysis. We were engaged to analyze a cash handling business process after an audit report. This report raised concerns over staff counting cash. The goal was to improve the process to create increased security controls.

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We proved through strategic questioning, most of the company’s customers were familiar with credit and loyalty credit cards. By understanding the requirements and the context of the organization we were able to provide a solution. Therefore, increasing the opportunities available.

Furthermore, it reduced the use of cash. Rebranding the internal customer card created an environment with better compliance reporting and customer patronage. The cash handling process was the issue, but the processes around it provided the solution.

Another client requested us to assist with the use of a barcode scanner. This scanner would be for inward and outward goods at their warehouse.

To begin with, we completed an initial analysis of the stock handling process.  As a result, we found using barcodes was going to require a large overhead to put into effect.

The reason for this:

We found the Return on Investment (ROI) would be negative. For this reason, it was not a viable solution.

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Our business analysis resulted in the client making the decision not to go any further. The business outcome was that we were able to provide high value to the client.

Another client sought a solution to manage the approval process and documents. These were associated with their major energy capital projects, having a value of up to $100 million.

We performed the business process automation analysis.

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