How the Software-Defined Data Center Helps Companies Effectively Leverage the Cloud

How the Software-Defined Data Center Helps Companies Effectively Leverage the Cloud

More and more organizations are leveraging the power of the cloud, but, in many ways, the management of the cloud has not kept up with the use of the cloud. Software-defined data centers provide visibility into cloud performance, enabling administrators to fix issues quickly--and head them off in the future.

It wasn't always that way: Software-defined data centers were originally met with suspicion. In fact, two years ago, “software-defined” anything was largely considered marketing hype. According to experts, only organizations with pre-existing homogeneous environments could take advantage of it. Times change. Today, the Software Defined Data Center (SDCC) is transforming the service provider (SP) industry.

Nonetheless, service providers still face challenges, and these issues remain thorny:

How Leveraging Virtualization Across the Data Center Helps

SDDC addresses and alleviates many issues facing SPs. It begins with expanding virtualization across the data center, while providing a central 360-degree view of all software-defined operations.

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VMware believes that leveraging virtualization in networking and storage maximizes operational efficiencies and provides flexibility to deliver high-value services at affordable costs. The key to achieving leverage is visibility, particularly in hybrid cloud implementations. Centralized management visibility is crucial because:  Visibility = Control = Faster Problem Resolution

Finding the cause of cloud performance problems demands complex and expensive diagnostic tools and techniques. VMware’s SDDC management solution--vRealize Operations or vROPS--provides visibility across the compute, network and storage layers of the data center, allowing SPs to identify--and fix--problems faster.

Yves Sandfort, CEO of Comdivision, a VMware Enterprise Partner, puts it this way:

"We rely on VMware vRealize Operations because service providers need to operate their environment with more efficiency, and vROPS helps them do just that. The solution helps us ensure constant performance, while also giving our customers the ability to login and see the performance of the classroom environment.;


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