HPE Is Moving to Microservices with Containers and Stackato

HPE practices what it preaches when it comes to cloud-native development, recently undertaking the task of migrating a set of monolithic information services applications to a microservice-based approach.

“In many cases, we’re actually using Stackato, Cloud Foundry, and Docker as the architectural principles that are underpinning those transformations. One of the things that we really love about Stackato is the notion of bringing some of these ecosystems together,” explained Omri Gazitt, HPE vice president of products and services, in part two of a two-part interview with The New Stack founder Alex Williams and technical editor Benjamin Ball, on the latest episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast.

As a result of using Stackato, HPE was able to deliver a stronger solution for developers working with Docker containers. “By teaching our platform, Stackato, how to basically take and run those containers and be able to go bring all of the PaaS capabilities, like integrated logging and monitoring, auto scaling, application versioning […] to the Docker Stack has been really good,” noted Gazitt.

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Virtualization and API management are also technologies HPE is tackling in-house.;

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