Digital Transformation is not a Digital Matter

Digital Transformation is not a Digital Matter

With “Digital Transformation” we usually indicate the progressive changes induced by the rapid spread of digital technologies (social media, mobile devices, Cloud Services and APP) in our everyday life: at school, at home, at work, everywhere…

The digitization of media, tools and information is gradually “refining” our ability to process a large amount of data and to build in very short time new relationships between information.

The digital transformation in this moment allows us to accomplish financially and banking transactions, to buy and sell items and services, book and share resources (cars bicycles offices rooms and more) in total autonomy.

The progressive simplification in data processing and in transactions execution is pointing out new models and new techniques to analyze problems and find appropriate solutions: simple useful replicable. This transformation is a natural evolution of biological and cultural systems.

Our thoughts behaviors and actions become “digital objects” that we can replicate imitate modify and distribute.

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Social networks allow us to create our website blog or radio/video channels … they allow us to organize ourselves into groups sharing values standards experiences and projects, enhancing in this way the spread and impact of our contribution to the group.

Of course, this transformation is not evenly distributed and this carries the risk of creating further social gaps between those who got access to digital services and those who haven’t it. It is not a simple challenge: give everyone the opportunity to access knowledge is to accept that knowledge is a commons and it should be handled like that.

The Impact of Digital Transformation in the workplace is evident from several points of view … here I outline only those in which I have direct experience: personnel management, project management, and management of business information systems.

In recruiting personnel – the digital transformation has emerged over 10 years ago and is rapidly evolving: initially we used the business social networks such as “book of business cards”, by networking hundreds of thousands of people and CVs. The head hunting agencies and HR departments of companies can freely tap into a resource DB structured, perhaps not always reliable, but directly updated by the owner of that information, and not by third parties.;

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