Why now is the best time in human history to be an entrepreneur

Starting a company is dirt cheap. It really is. You can kick off a new online venture for less than $100, easy. You can register a domain name, purchase hosting and web design through a drag and drop interface, and be up and running for a tiny initial outlay.

That kind of approach could enable businesses of almost any model, whether it’s e-commerce or a service-based design firm.

Sure, you’ll run into a lot more cost when you start looking at building software or platforms yourself; but validating the cost of development won’t cost you a thing with a launch page and a sign-up form. You’re looking at $15 a month.

It doesn’t take venture capital to found a small start-up or business. It just takes guts.

Read my favorite book — “The $100 Start-up,” by Chris Guillebeau. It will change the way you think about starting up.

Finding a co-founder isn’t the challenge it once was, either. Where meeting a business partner in the past could have been a lengthy process, searching out a face-to-face meeting, you can now discover talented individuals on the other side of the planet. Look at companies like Woothemes  — their original team were separated by hundreds of miles back in the day.

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You aren’t limited by the people around you or your local technology or business environment. You have the ability to get out there and discover a genius who perfectly meshes with your approach to business, no matter where she is. If you need someone to climb that fucking mountain with, she’s out there.;

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