Altiscale Debuts Cloud for Self-Service Big Data Analytics –

Altiscale Inc. wants to simplify this Big Data thing, bypassing trained developers, data scientists and expensive, proprietary systems to connect ordinary business users with Hadoop in the cloud and glean their own analytics insights with familiar tools like Tableau and Microsoft Excel.

Joining the ever-expanding portfolio of similar industry solutions, the Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) company yesterday unveiled the Altiscale Insight Cloud.

The new solution builds on the company’s managed service — the Altiscale Data Cloud — which provides Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark technology, leveraging a converged architecture approach to simplify the querying of a Hadoop data lake.

“The Altiscale Insight Cloud came from our experiences with enterprise customers, who have been searching for a better way to bring Big Data more broadly throughout their organization, beyond data scientists and data engineers,” Altiscale exec Mike Maciag said in a blog post today. “For the typical enterprise, providing business access to Big Data has been complex, slow and expensive. IT involvement was a must, which meant that business users were stuck waiting for overwhelmed IT teams to get them the data that they needed. The only solutions that could provide interactive query analytics were expensive, limiting the ability to grow as needs grew.”

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The Insight cloud lets ordinary business users ingest data into a data lake, conduct SQL queries over that data lake, build dynamic visualizations and conduct analytics via real-time dashboards, along with other reporting and analytics functionality.;

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