Dynamic duo: Big data and design thinking

Dynamic duo: Big data and design thinking

Dynamic duo: Big data and design thinking
Ever wonder what makes some brands world-class brands? Brands recognized as world-class brands share one common trait: design thinking. Design thinkingenables leading brands to continually engage with customers in an emotional way and outmaneuver the competition. Across the globe, organizations are realizing the immense power of big data, thanks to the value it is generating for powerful use cases. 

What happens when big data technology is combined with design thinking? Trust me, it’s magic. Big data in combination with design thinking can be revolutionary by virtue of the value it creates for organizations. By embedding design thinking into big data use cases, organizations can unlock new opportunities, build empathy for users and pave the way to exceptional experiences—those experiences that are truly human-centered and create an emotional connection. 

Design thinking puts users and their needs at the center of applications and at the starting point for developing any new product or solution. Big data and design thinking draw on solution-focused, action-oriented processes, and people who are not necessarily designers apply them more broadly in the context of business.

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Data is never rare in businesses, but the full usage of unstructured data, especially from the Internet, brings more innovation in product and marketing design as well as in risk control. Many common attributes of big data and design thinking exist. To start with, both begin with high-quality data. Data extracted in pure and uncontaminated form—unstructured, structured, in motion, at rest, real time and so on—is fed into cognitive applications. Big data use cases have huge impact on our businesses.

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