Enterprise-grade property graphs debut on cloud

Enterprise-grade property graphs debut on cloud

Enterprise-grade property graphs debut on cloud
Graph databases are powerful tools for many business applications. A graph database stores data based on its relationship to other data, permitting rapid pattern detection. Further, when data and connections are stored together, transactional applications can be imbued with real-time analytics functions.

However, until now, enterprise developers have faced challenges in achieving scale and maintaining high performance with graph databases. Enterprise development teams could not guarantee the availability of graph data stores as a reliable cloud service, particularly as an always-on distributed property graph. Available now in beta, IBM Graph was designed to help overcome these challenges and bring advanced graph database capabilities to the enterprise.

IBM Graph, the first enterprise-grade property graph-as-a-service, is built on open source technology, leveraging the open source Apache TinkerPop 3 platform, it also accepts queries made in the open source Gremlin graph language. An open source approach speeds development cycles and contains an embedded peer review process via large existing open source communities, so that issues are identified and fixed in real time. The openness and transparency present throughout this process helps offer intelligent perspectives, while engaging a wide variety of industries in verifying the code’s functionality.

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So what can a graph database do for your app? One example is enabling real-time recommendation and fraud detection functionality in web and mobile applications, without over-complicating the database layer.

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