Cisco starts manufacture in Pune

Cisco starts manufacture in Pune, build Nagpur as Smart City

Cisco starts manufacture in Pune, build Nagpur as Smart City
Keeping up with its promise to be part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives, networking giant Cisco announced that it has launched its manufacturing operations in Pune and announced it would build Nagpur as Smart City with its Next-Gen solutions. The company will use the manufacturing unit to produce and ship orders for customers in the country as well as for testing, development, logistics and in-house repair capabilities. The product portfolio will include routers, switches and various circuit boards, etc.

Cisco along with the Maharashtra government also announced it would roll out “Smart City” solutions in Nagpur, digital learning for students and skills development for local entrepreneurs in Dharavi, in Mumbai, to create an eCommerce hub. ”My vision for digital Maharashtra is to digitally empower every citizen and increase the state’s global competitiveness by creating a highly skilled workforce,” Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis told the gathering. ”We are happy to partner with Cisco in the Digital Maharashtra initiative and believe that Cisco’s global experience and expertise will accelerate the digitisation of the state,” Fadnavis added.

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As part of its drive to digitise Nagpur, Maharashtra’s second capital city, Cisco will enable city-wide network connectivity, smart and secure Wi-Fi hotspots and smart safety and surveillance solutions.

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