Improve Your Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

Improve Your Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

Improve Your Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

The internet is loaded with too much content.

Whether you’re blogging, publishing a video, or sharing an image, you are contributing to the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is made everyday!

The old method of publishing tons of content isn’t as effective as it used to be. Many more are publishing great content nowadays to the point that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be heard over all that digital noise.

It’s time to blow off that dust and apply a shiny new coat of machine learning polish to your content strategy.

As a sub-set of artificial intelligence, machine learning occurs when computer algorithms are programmed to learn from the data and information it inputs. The outputs of these machines differ each time because they are able to change their resulting actions from studying patterns, trends, and data-points.

The more information that is fed in, the more accurate and personalized the results are.

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You can see machine learning in technologies that might surprise you. Pre-populating search engines, self-driving cars, spam filtering, optical character recognition, and even in a game of Super Mario.

We’re all drowning in content. There is too much to read, scroll through, and find out what’s really useful. The consequence of this is decreasing engagement, as seen in TrackMaven’s survey.

In your role as a content marketer, you track your blog and social media analytics to understand trends. These trends then help you figure out the direction of your blog and social media efforts.

With so much information do you often find yourself asking these questions with your marketing tools?

By using machine learning tools, you will be able to easily shift your content marketing strategy to be more effective and useful for your audience.

To increase job efficiency, machine learning tools are able to reduce the time it takes to manually track and decipher your data into effective actionable tasks that will lead to predicted success.

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Refreshing your content strategy now entails creating personalized content that is predicted to give you engagement well-before you trial-and-error blog topics.

It’s time to break out that polish.

Here are some intelligent marketing tools that will save you time, and provide you with an even more accurate and adaptive way to create and share content that connects:

The machine learning aspect to the Atomic Reach platform lies within its ability to forecast when you should share articles, and which aspects of your blog actually matter to your reader, even if your audience’s engagement patterns start to shift.

Breaking it down to it’s components:

Think of the Atomic Reach platform like the strongman game you see at a carnival.

In this case the puck is your topic, the participants are your writers, and the bell is your goal for engagement.

Without using this tool your content could be missing the mark. Not every writer will be able to get that puck to the bell, because each of your writers’ have different styles and skill levels in writing.

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To make sure you hear that ding with every article you publish, you’ll want to consistently create high-scoring content even if the conditions change.


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